Gen.G is hiring new Manager

25 Oct 2018 12:47

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Yesterday Gen.G esports, owner of this Seoul Dynasty, announced that they were hiring former NBA star, Chris Bosh. The official announcement was made on Gen.G's Twitter.

NBA fans will recognize Bosh out of his period around the Miami Heat, despite their falling to the Spurs in the 2013-2014 season. Nevertheless, Bosh is not joining Gen.G necessarily because of his basketball prowess, but as a player management adviser for the company.

Bosh will be a mentor for those teams within Gen.G and concentrate on leadership, teamwork, and dealing with the pressures of high profile sports. Bosh has stated that he looks forward to seeing what he has to bring into the organization:


Everything about Gen.G aligns with my values and interests as an avid gamer.
Coaching and mentoring have always been part of my long-term plan in some capacity. I really appreciated Gen.G's approach to creating winning teams, that they had been among the first esports organizations to hire psychologists, physical trainers, really putting the participant's health and well-being first. Gen.G is exceptional all the way

Gen.G's expansion officer, Arnold Hur, has also expressed his delight by adding Bosh for their staff.

Chris' existence is going to have a profound impact on our players and the impact will probably be felt top-to-bottom within our company.
He is a winner and has the exceptional ability to make it through to our players in a manner that lots of coaches can not. We are thrilled to have him as the newest member of the Gen.G family.

Bosh currently holds two NBA titles, 11 All-Star looks, and an Olympic Gold medal, and will play a critical part in Gen.G's growth in the coming years.

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