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OW: Halloween Patch notes - 25 Oct 2018 12:56


It's formally October 9th, which means spooky period in Overwatch has started! This year's event has given us new Halloween skins, which may be viewed by clicking on the gallery under.

GALLERYLOOK: All the new skins for Halloween Terror

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Besides the skins, there's one emote, six victory poses, thirteen voice lines, twelve sprays and two emphasize intros. Here's a listing of that emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays and emphasize intros you can Find this year:


Voice lineup, 75 credits
"Was that supposed to scare me?" Voice lineup, 75 credits
"Trick or treat" spray, 75 credits
"Shield Bash" highlight intro, 750 credits

"Pumpkin selfie" victory pose, 225 credits

"Pumpkin" victory pose, 225 credits
"Swamp Monster" spray, 75 credits

"Trick or treat" voice line, 75 credits

"Trick or treat" voice lineup, 75 credits

"Trick or treat" voice lineup, 75 credits

"Pumpkin" victory pose, 225 credits

"Pumpkin" victory pose, 225 credits
"Despair has its own calms," voice line, 75 credits
"Happy Halloween," voice lineup, 75 credits
"Banshee" spray, 75 credits
"Trick or treat" spray, 75 credits

"Are you frightened?" Voice lineup, 75 credits
"Enchanted" spray, 75 credits

"I am dressed to kill," voice lineup, 75 credits

"Slasher" spray, 75 credits

"Servants" spray, 75 credits

"Trick or treat!" Voice line, 75 credits

"Boo!" Voice lineup, 75 credits
"Pumpkin" highlight intro, 750 credits

"Nibbling" victory pose, 225 credits
"Heart rate raising!" Voice line, 75 credits
"Trick or treat" voice lineup, 75 credits
"Jack-o'-lantern" spray, 75 credits
"Trick or treat" spray, 75 credits

"Flaming pumpkin" spray, unlocked by completing the Dawn Patrol accomplishment
"Zombraider" spray, unlocked by completing the Hardened Defenders accomplishment
"Zomnic" spray, unlocked by completing the Six Wanderers achievement

Which skin is your favorite? Were you expecting for a particular hero to get some love this year, but they had been left out? Tell us in the comments below or reach us out Twitter! - Comments: 0

OW League 2019 | Rumors - 25 Oct 2018 12:50


Confirmed by the League's public relations, the 2019 season will begin on Thursday, February 14th, 2019. Every one of the twenty teams will play with 28 matches over four five-week stages at Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California.

"The focus of the 2019 format is to keep to iterate and improve the enthusiast and team/player experience,"

stated a representative of this Overwatch League's public relations group.


Here's what we know:

  • All-Star Weekend will be in the middle of the season, Rather than the end
  • A brand new play-in championship at the end of the regular season will decide the last two playoff teams
  • Paris, Toronto, Washington D.C., and Atlanta will unite the Atlantic Division
  • Vancouver, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou will combine the Pacific Division
  • Teams will get bye weeks
  • Longer breaks during the season, such as a Protracted break around the League's All-Star Weekend (slated to take place between Stages Two and Three)

While the exact schedule has yet to be published, teams will perform"zero, a couple of games per week." This is to assist with"keeping players new" and providing teams the opportunity to visit their upcoming home places. Hopefully the program is done in a manner where players and team staff can find a fantastic balance between work and real life.

Hopefully the affirmation of the details for the upcoming season means we will soon get to see that the reveal of their new jerseys, team names and colours for the expansion teams, and statements for new rosters and roster updates.

We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available. - Comments: 0

Gen.G is hiring new Manager - 25 Oct 2018 12:47


Yesterday Gen.G esports, owner of this Seoul Dynasty, announced that they were hiring former NBA star, Chris Bosh. The official announcement was made on Gen.G's Twitter.

NBA fans will recognize Bosh out of his period around the Miami Heat, despite their falling to the Spurs in the 2013-2014 season. Nevertheless, Bosh is not joining Gen.G necessarily because of his basketball prowess, but as a player management adviser for the company.

Bosh will be a mentor for those teams within Gen.G and concentrate on leadership, teamwork, and dealing with the pressures of high profile sports. Bosh has stated that he looks forward to seeing what he has to bring into the organization:


Everything about Gen.G aligns with my values and interests as an avid gamer.
Coaching and mentoring have always been part of my long-term plan in some capacity. I really appreciated Gen.G's approach to creating winning teams, that they had been among the first esports organizations to hire psychologists, physical trainers, really putting the participant's health and well-being first. Gen.G is exceptional all the way

Gen.G's expansion officer, Arnold Hur, has also expressed his delight by adding Bosh for their staff.

Chris' existence is going to have a profound impact on our players and the impact will probably be felt top-to-bottom within our company.
He is a winner and has the exceptional ability to make it through to our players in a manner that lots of coaches can not. We are thrilled to have him as the newest member of the Gen.G family.

Bosh currently holds two NBA titles, 11 All-Star looks, and an Olympic Gold medal, and will play a critical part in Gen.G's growth in the coming years. - Comments: 0

Toronto presents new Major Overwatch Event - 25 Oct 2018 12:41


Overwatch League 2019

With year two of the Overwatch League gradually approaching, a lot of information will start coming to light.

For example, we only know very little about each one of the new expansion teams coming to the League in Season 2. The Toronto expansion team is seeking to change that very shortly, however. As announced on their Twitter accounts, it seems like we may be getting a bit more info about the Toronto team after this month.


You want the deets? Can not make it outside? We got you stay tuned. #TOxOWL #OWL2019

The team has announced that fans will find a particular unveiling towards the end of the month. On October 24th, fans can gather at Toronto's Berkeley Church, since they unveil some new advice, which will blow us all away. Whether it be simply a team name, or the full roster, it sure seems like Team Toronto is pretty tight-lipped, as no information has been discharged whatsoever.

Whatever the info is, we'll keep you updated when word breaks. In the meantime, if you're able to make it down to the site, we suggest you make it down early as space is limited. By the way, do you know that you can quickly increase your ranks using overwatch boost feature?

The unveiling event is slated to begin at 6:00PM, and will operate until 11:00PM that night. What sort of announcement are you hoping for?

The characteristic image for this post was supplied by Team Toronto of the Overwatch League. - Comments: 0

Bastion: Overwatch Lego - 25 Oct 2018 12:30


Overwatch LEGO has been teased about for weeks on end, and last week we got our first look at what's to come. Yesterday on Twitter, the group over at Blizzard revealed the very first official Overwatch LEGO set, and we could not be more enthusiastic!

Bastion is now in LEGO collection

That's right the very first official Overwatch LEGO collection is not any other than Bastion, and in his Omnic Crisis skin no longer! But playing Overwatch could be way more interesting on higher ranks, so try Overwatch Boost feature!

This original set — of several more to come we are convinced — happens to also be a Blizzard exclusive. Just in time for fans to prepare themselves for BlizzCon, this small LEGO bot is ready to order. This is not a pre-order thing, so you won't have to wait to have Bastion defend your desk from some other incoming invasions.

The figure includes a swivelling upper body, moveable arms, and Bastion's signature machine gun, constructed to his arm. Not only are we getting a well executed LEGO edition of Bastion, but he also comes with his trusty bird companion, Ganymede.

Other than this sudden, and surprising, reveal, there's no word on what the other upcoming Overwatch LEGO sets will probably be. Dependent on the hints so far, we can only hope for the very best and hopefully we will get some full-on LEGO escort assignments going. Which Overwatch hero are you looking forward to seeing brick shape? Let us know! - Comments: 0

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